My Lifestyle (photo: Harold Daniels)
(photo: Harold Daniels)

A corporate lawyer by day, fashion + travel + lifestyle blogger by moonlight. My legal fees earned seem to always go to Louboutin or Lanvin (or an occasional hop over to London or beyond). Greatest fashion achievement: Memphis Preparatory School, Best Dressed 1985. (Yes, I am that old.) (“Now, the 80s were a great era of fashion” said no one. Ever.)

I went to law school to be able to afford my fashion. Ok, it wasn’t the only reason, but it was up there. But, I believe that just because I chose to work in a corporate, professional job did not mean that I had to give up style and a little flair. So, I didn’t. Just because I am on the back side of 40, doesn’t mean that I have to give up style (or dressing modern and sexy). So, I am not (hopefully, or at least I am trying not to). Just because I don’t want to be “the old lady who lives in her shoes” (quoting Carrie Bradshaw), doesn’t mean I have to give up owning incredible designer fashion and accessories. So, I don’t and I am just smarter about my purchases. I love getting dressed every day for every occasion and the way great fashion can make me feel about myself or the day ahead. I hope to share some of that love of fashion and the confidence it can bring here.

Why the name? As a proud graduate of the University of Mississippi, fondly known as Ole Miss, I am a Rebel (and occasionally in Prada). Hell yeah! Damn right! (Google it.)