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A Rebel in Nizuc

A Rebel in Nizuc

I was fortunate to be back in Cancun recently for a quick trip and a little sun and warmth. For us East Coasters, Cancun is a quick flight (2 hours from Atlanta), and therefore one can be on the beach about four hours or so after you leave your house. Frankly, I had given up on Cancun about the same time that I no longer had “Spring Break” and had put it away with those vacations of my college and post-college years to places that I really did not feel any need to return. But, on a recommendation from a trusted friend regarding a relatively new resort that was awesome and offered beach access four hours from my front door, I made a reservation and took off.

I love traveling and packing out all your favorite outfits, wearing them and falling in love with them all over again. Such is the case with this dress. Designed by Alexander Wang, it is so unexpected. I initially saw it from the front, where it just looks like a crisp, simple white shirtdress. But when I saw the back, it was just so unexpected! I so love the unexpected, and it is so hard to find. I love wearing this on its own or with a jacket or sweater tossed around the shoulders. Even with a jacket around the shoulders, the look from the back is still so unexpected.

Ready... Set... Launch!Once you have your basic fashion pieces covered, try to look for something unexpected and distinctive in any new piece you buy. Sometimes you have to weigh that something unexpected vs. whether it makes a piece just too trendy (and then if the piece is costly, whether it is worth the investment), but in every piece I purchase these days, I am really looking for the unexpected, something that makes the piece distinctive and memorable. The detailing of this dress, especially on the back of the dress is incredible to me and a real feat of design. Alexander Wang is one of the hottest fashion designers working these days, and this dress to me is an example of why his career has skyrocketed. Consistently designing the unexpected.

These photographs were taken on the deck of our room at Nizuc Resort ( I won’t tell you which room we had, because we are keeping that all to ourselves. But, I will tell you it was a “regular” room – not penthouse or anything like that. Nizuc is a big property in size, but it still gives the feel of a more intimate hotel. The rooms are spacious, modern and all have ocean views. There is a large pool for families and an adult pool for well, adults only. Both right on the beach. We hung at the adult pool, which was fabulous and had great bar service, if that is your thing while you are catching a few rays. It is ours. Also, they have three restaurants on property, and the food was quite good. The Thai restaurant was my favorite. The stone work and build out of the property is simply incredible, and frankly, I think would be completely cost-prohibitive to do here in the United States. My only negative would be that the food and drink are not cheap, so go prepared. Nizuc does offer an all-inclusive option, if you just want to go ahead and pay in advance, and not worry about the bill while on site there. So, if you need a quick getaway, put Nizuc Resort on your list. And, as Matthew McConaughey says in those rather odd commercials he does for Lincoln: “I drove Lincolns before anyone paid me to, I just liked them.” Ditto for me about Nizuc Resort. An unexpected find in Cancun.

Hope these pics of the beautiful beach inspire you to find your own unexpected place or piece of fashion!

Xoxo. Me

Dress: Alexander Wang | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Bag: Bottega Veneta
Tags: #alexanderwangny, Manolo Blahnik, #bottegaveneta
Photographs taken @Nizuc_Resort


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