It Is All About the Shoes

It Is All About the Shoes

Sometimes it is all about the shoes.  Known as statement shoes, these are the gorgeous show stopping shoes that you think that you cannot live without, even though sometimes you are walking out the door with them thinking “Now, what exactly am I going to wear these with again … ?”

It Is All About the Shoes (photo: Harold Daniels)
(photo: Harold Daniels)

Such is the case with these fringe tassel heels from Jimmy Choo (   I saw them and I just loved them.  Saved my pennies so I could buy them.  Perfect with a white or neutral palate.  That is the thing about statement shoes.  Let them be the star, but surround them with great supporting actors.

For this look, I chose a couple of real workhorses of my closet.  First, the grey silk blouse is truly one of my favorites.  Designed by Atlanta’s own Abbey Glass, this blouse with the bow tie in back is simple and chic and I wear it all the time, for example with white jeans or a pencil skirt as shown here.  I also can put a cashmere cardigan over it for office wear, especially on days when my hair is up and the bow tie collar in the back in a nice accent over the sweater.  The skirt was made for me by my incredible tailor and a designer in her own right, Gizelle James.  I originally bought the form of this skirt at Calvin Klein in New York a decade ago. It was the best skirt I have ever owned.  I literally wore it so much that pieces of it started to disintegrate (like at the back slit of the skirt). So eventually after realizing my favorite skirt was finally fading into fashion glory after years of wear and dry cleaning, I took it to Gizelle (who had previously repaired it along the way) and she used it as a pattern for a new skirt for me, sourcing similar material.  I will say it loud and often, having a great alterations person in your contacts is paramount.  Paramount.

I hope to see you in your statement Choos soon.  Xoxo.  Me

Blouse: Abbey Glass ( | Skirt: Gizelle James | Shoes: Jimmy Choo ( | Handbag: Bottega Venetta | Sunglasses: Warby Parker (


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