Gingham Style

Gingham Style
(photo: Harold Daniels)
Gingham Style (photo: Harold Daniels)

Gingham is in for spring and I am celebrating the beginning of spring in a little gingham and a lot of color.  I picked up this jacket at J. Crew and I love it.  The detail in fabulous on both the outside and inside, including my favorite touch for a jacket, sleeve buttonholes that actually open!  My husband tells me that this detail is an absolute must for men’s jackets, and no well-designed jacket for men has closed buttonholes.  A sign of real craftsmanship he says.  So I have been checking this detail on the ladies’ side, and even having my tailor open closed sleeve buttonhole if that is an option.  Why is this so awesome? It makes it so easy to flip up the sleeve of the jacket to make it a little more casual or add a little interest (as I have done in these photos).  The designers at J. Crew were hoping we would open up the sleeves of their jacket, as they provided a lining on the inside that is a great juxtaposition to the gingham print on the outside.  I always look for pieces that have some detail that sets them apart from the ordinary.  The pink gingham plaid, along with the inside lining and those open button holes, provide that detail and make this super preppy piece fun.

I wanted to offset the pink with more color, so added some blues.  I think this jacket could also work well with other shades of pink such as fuchsia or a pale pink.  The jacket could also be fun with a pair of pale blue jeans or even ratty boyfriend jeans: a cool offset to the preppy feel of the jacket.

So grab some gingham or your favorite print and step out in a little color!  Xoxo.  Me

Jacket: J. Crew | Shirt: J. Crew | Belt: Hermes | Jeans: J. Crew | Sunglasses: Dior | Bag: Tod’s | Shoes: Valentino


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