What to Look for at New York Fashion Week

Happy New York Fashion Week! The one and only Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kicked off to a snowy start today and will continue with a jam-packed schedule through Thursday, February 19. We have more fun fashion week content to come, but for now I wanted to share the shows I’m keeping a special eye on this […]

Must-See Spring Exhibits in Art and Fashion

The groundhog may not have seen his shadow yesterday, but for many of us down South Spring weather is already here, and with it new Spring gallery openings in art and fashion. Seeming to catch on to the winds of change today, each of these exhibits explore times of transformation‒in commerce, politics, and pop culture. […]

My Desert Isle Top Ten

The Devil in Kiton (a/k/a my husband) has a saying “his desert isle ___” – his desert isle beer, his desert isle scotch, his desert isle gin (we will just ignore that these are all references to various alcoholic beverages at the moment, but that is when he is most likely to use the phrase). […]

Remembering Franca Sozzani

“Giving back is the new luxury” – Franca Sozzani Today, fashion is mourning the loss of Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani, who suffered an untimely death at just 66 years old. Sozzani, known equally for the transformative photography on her pages as the activism she employed in and out of the industry, always believed fashion was […]

How To Wear A Statement Coat

It’s the first day of winter, and while I hate the cold, I have to say I love a great statement coat. It’s my favorite winter fashion find. You put one on and your basic black outfit transforms to something surprising yet simple. And you are comfortable as the temperature cools which to me, is always in style. There […]

My Holiday Wish List

While I can never really take my eyes off the fashion runways for long, I find myself especially drawn to them around the holidays with all the traveling and party-going of the season. Read below for a few things I am dreaming of this Christmas…

Must-See Fabulous Fashion Films

Football not your thing?  So download some fabulous fashion films. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy! I was fortunate to see the film Yves Saint Laurent when it was released a couple of years ago. Wow. Put it on your list. Raw, edgy and an incredible film about an incredible genius and the toll […]

Lunch At Ralph’s

I was recently in Paris for a few days on my own.  I am a Francophile and really a Parisophile. I have been fortunate to travel there often and almost nothing in the world makes me happier than being in Paris and spending my day walking around the City of Lights.  But, one needs a […]

The Unexpected . . .

I was fortunate to be back in Cancun recently for a quick trip and a little sun and warmth. For us East Coasters, Cancun is a quick flight (2 hours from Atlanta), and therefore one can be on the beach about four hours or so after you leave your house. Frankly, I had given up […]

Double Duty Dress and Shiny Ponies

Love a dress that can pull double duty.   For work and play.  For work and a spring cocktail after work.  For work and a wedding shower.  For work and a fun afternoon tea.  Winter white has been one of the it colors of the past couple of seasons, and I have been indulging in the […]